A Whisper Of Aids, By Mary Fisher

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Mary Fisher, an American political activist, author, and artist, has survived a fatal disease, and who lives to support those who suffer the mutual virus known as H.I.V. or Human Immunodeficiency Virus. She spreads awareness of the outbreak through the use of speeches, campaigns, and volunteer opportunities. Her most famous speech, which defined her as a political icon, was titled “A Whisper of AIDS”. The speech was delivered at the Republican National Convention, on August 19, 1992, in Houston, Texas. The AIDS rife entered the United States in 1989 and was most common among homosexual men, or African Americans, but began to represent a growing threat to women by 1992. However, citizens of America unassociated with the disease, were still accustomed to the early reputation of the disease, formulating their biased opinions. The American populace of the time had set their focus on the Presidential race, which included choosing delegates and following certain campaigns, along with new innovations such as email and electronic communication, creating a developmental state of mind for the population of America. Mary Fisher’s speech overviews the necessity of banishing the known stereotypes related to the disease and creating the new face of AIDS. The purpose of “A Whisper of AIDS” is to inform people of the disease and to motivate the individuals with the ability to help to be more involved. Given the historical context of the AIDS epidemic in America, and Mary

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