The Epidemic Of Hiv / Aids

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Media resources serve as a constant reminder of world issues, each day we surf the internet or casually collect the morning newspaper to catch up on the latest in fashion, entertainment and world issues. In 1980, news papers, highlighted the onset of an epidemic, one that would create fear, isolation, bias and discrimination. The HIV virus took the public by disbelief, one of the main tribulations with HIV disease was that there was no concrete evidence that determined its transmission. Many Semantic variations such as "gay mans disease" created biases and discrimination toward this population (CITE). The onset of HIV/AIDS virus also created a devastating impact on healthcare professionals and forced members to re-evaluate legal and…show more content…
During baseline assessment, Mr. Griffith appeared overly anxious and refused to have his wife present during triage screening. He abruptly claimed that he was replacing shingles on his roof, and had no recollection of proceeding events. While awaiting treatment, Mr. Griffith became nauseated and vomited moderate amount of blood tinged secretions, he also suffered frequent blackouts. Multiple blood tests, and x-rays and scans were ordered, to determine cause of Mr. Griffith symptoms. Mr. Griffith was admitted to general to general medicine unit for further observation. Test results revealed that Mr. Griffith had a low CD 4 cell count, further testing revealed that Mr. Griffith was HIV positive. This blood borne virus creates exhaustion within the immune system, which is the body’s natural line of defense, thus creating difficulties in fighting off infections (Bennette and Greenfield, 2013). Nurse K, has been assigned to provide care for Mr. Griffith since his admission, although they have been advances in HIV prevention, findings prove that outdated materials regarding the need for extreme precautions, creates incidences where nurses are reluctant in caring for persons with HIV (Wagner, McShane, Hart, & Margolese, 2016). Nurse K decides to speak with the nurse manager in order to be reassigned, as she believes that she is incapable of maintaining isolation
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