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Malaysia is a nation located at Southeaster Asia, peninsula bordering Thailand and bordering with Indonesia, the south of China Sea and south of Vietnam. Malaysia has a lot of rain forest due to its geography. Its average temperature throughout the year is approximate 80.5 degree Fahrenheit. During the late 18th and beginning of 19th centuries, British established colonies and protectorates in the area of current Malaysia. In 1957, Malaysia became independent. Malaysia is a nation filled with different diversity that consists of influences from India, British, China etc. This has resulted in a country filled with different ethnic group such as Malay, Indian, Chinese people. Malay, Indian and Chinese are the main races in Malaysia. People …show more content…

They were not united at all. According to sources, by 671 BC, much of the area was incorporated into the Sriyijaya Empire which was based on what is now Indonesian Sumatra (Malaysia Fact and History). Srivijaya Empire controlled two main trading posts on the Indian Ocean trade routes. The two trading posts were the Malacca and the Sunda Straits. Traders who need to get their own goods to between China and India, ships must go through these two trading posts. However, Srivijaya Empire fell to Singhasari invaders in 1288. However Malacca was seized by the Portuguese in 1511, local ruler was force to move south and established a new capital at Johor Lama. In 1641, DEIC (the Dutch East India Company) form alliance with the local ruler that established capital at Johor Lama, in order to drive the Portuguese out of Malacca. In 1824, the Anglo Dutch Treaty gave the British East India Company economic control over Malaysia. The British crown took direct control over Malaysia economy in 1857. During world war two, in February 1942, Japan invades Malaysia and took over Malaysia from the British Malaysia. At the end of World War Two, The British claims Malaysia back from the Japanese, however the local leader of Malaysia wanted independence. The local leader of Malaysia formed the Federation of Malaya under British protection in 1948. On August 31st, 1963, Malaysia finally successful takes back the control from the British. Current Malaysia flag was formed upon the

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