A narrative essay about my first day of Army basic training.

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"What 's your name" asked one of two men in camouflage uniforms standing in front of me. "Holtan, Drill Sergeant" I half stuttered. The other man flew into an angry rage and started to scream at me "Soldier, he is not a Drill sergeant, look at him now soldier! What rank is he now that you looked? "He is an officer" I said trying not to cry, my lower lip trembling slightly. "Holtan now start pushing and don 't stop til I come back, because im the command sergeant major of this base." Screamed Command sergeant major Martinez.

After high school I decided to go and serve my country in the United States Army. I signed up January of 2002, my senior year of high school to be a medic. My official first day in the Army was August 22nd 2002. I …show more content…

"You 're too slow, start running around the room, NOW" the Drill sergeant yelled from the front of the room. The room a rectangular shape had fifteen bunks on each side with a hollow green rectangle painted in the middle of the floor. I kept running and running around that green rectangle, I could hear the Drill sergeant yelling but everything seemed so quiet. It was so hot in the room, and it was then that I knew I really was in hell. All I could hear was my heavy labored

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