How To Describe Savannah

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WHY SAVANNAH? Imagine this: your sitting outside a quaint tavern, watching as a boat slowly floats on the nearby river. A cool breeze brings whispers of jazz, swaying the trees decorated with Spanish moss. Your waiter soon arrives, trailed by the smells of southern cooking. You eagerly glance at your meal, noticing the fried green tomatoes are still sizzling! The fried green tomatoes alone sound like heaven! This is Savannah, Georgia. A city rich in history, character, and fine cuisine. If the south was a great pot of sweet tea, savannah would be the simple syrup. WHERE AND WHEN? HOME AWAY FROM HOME When I travel I like to have a place that I can call home. It has to have the comfort, relaxation, and all the characteristics of my real home. …show more content…

The church is beautiful and is a major part of savannah, in fact, many of the trolley tours stop here. FORSYTHS PARK Have you ever seen a picture of a huge fountain that’s supposedly in Savannah? Well this is your park! The fountain is one of the defining characteristic of savannah, it’s what you see in all the snow globes and on all the tee shirts, you can’t possibly leave savannah without seeing it. EAST AND WEST RIVER ST. This street runs along the (you guessed it) river. The Cotton Exchange and Savannah’s Candy Kitchen can be found along with many other restaurants and shops here. Farther down on East River Street, there is also a cute market (River Street Marketplace), where local artisans and crafties cell their merchandise. COLONIAL PARK …show more content…

REYNOLDS SQUARE AND THE PINK HOUSE Reynolds square is one of my favorite squares, it sits about a block or two up from River Street. You’ll know the square if you spot it, as a statue of John Wesley sits at its center. The pink house sits across from this square. Last time I was in savannah it was suggested to me as another good restaurant where there is some serious ghost action. However, I haven't tried it out yet, you’ll have to let me know if you’ve been I’m curious how it is. A HAUNTED

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