ADHD Motivation

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Johnson, Christine; Moore, Eric; and Thornton, Michelle (2014), pronounces in their article a “Smart” approach to motivating students in a secondary setting. In the article, the authors conducted a study through the use of surveys and classroom observations to determine rather or not students are motivated when learning. In the study, it not only determined if students are motivated when learning the academic curriculum, but measured their strengths and weaknesses as well. As stated in the article, the leading concern in which the researchers had during the study was the self- motivation of students to be active in physical education. Per the observation and surveys, the researchers were able to target where the students lack motivation regarding…show more content…
In the article, the authors states that when being demonstrated in such classroom scenery, it is proven that the core indications of ADHD (i.e., high levels of inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity) could possibly inhibit or even delay in some cases a child's learning and relationships at school (2015). According to the passage, the authors believe students who are classified as having ADHD motivational interest can increase through the use of a teacher-student relationship. To validate this belief, the authors conducted a study on several ADHD students to determine the validity of their motivational level. In the study, the researchers found that there were many differences within the ADHD type, regarding the inattentive type resulting in becoming more motivated by external factors. The results of the study showed that ADHD students, as opposed to type 2 students, are only motivated when they have an established rapport with the teacher in a classroom…show more content…
Amber Simmons and Melissa Page assert in their article the importance of motivating students through power and choice. In the article, the authors believe that student become motivated in the classrooms, if they are able to benefit from the assignments they partake in. The authors conducted a study through the use of several surveys. From the surveys, the authors found that most students agreed that by having some form of knowledge towards the assignments in which they were working on, such as knowing rather or not they were going to be graded by the class, motivated them to work harder. The results of the surveys show that if teachers are able to promote more reasoning’s as to why students are given certain assignments through choice and power, it will indeed increase their motivational interest beyond the
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