APA Reflective Essay

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Reading week provided me an abundant amount of time to catch up on my courses (literally just economics) and work on my MSDA. The night before, I decided I did not really have to prepare anything for my MSDA pitch, it’d be a good representation of my creative abilities and see what I could come up with on the spot. It went pretty well I would say. Had sprained my ankle again two weeks ago so I was charged up and raring to kick some ass this week. Brought home another win for the flag team with 1td and 3 interceptions, alongside another W for the ultimate team, who were now 5-0. The responsibility of designing our NETA presentation and the application for our product was pinned on me. At this point my group members knew I was taking control and were willing to offer the responsibility…show more content…
Collected photos for the MSDA and finished off a rough version of the second half. Flag football finals were this week, we were playing the only undefeated team in the league, Calumet, and were annihilated. Nonetheless, I still scored, keeping my reputation of scoring every game and was awarded MVP for the season. It was a great experience making it to the playoffs with a team filled with first years. I was suffering from injuries but managed to lead to team to several victories. Ultimate finals were also this week, an undefeated Schulich team faced off against New College. Hearts were shattered when we lost the game in overtime. I was playing with an injury on top of that, which worsened after the game. All in all, I’m content with the turnout, as I made several new friends and connected with people on emotional levels. Near the end of the week, a case competition hosted by YSBA was being held at the Aviva center. I received a notification from the Head of Digital Media and was asked to photograph the event. This was my first task under the Schulich Insider and I took pride in my
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