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Aaron Abrams
Professor Harding

1. In Arabic’s culture their followed the Koran and it laws. This means that there is no alcohol consumption. Their must wear decent clothes in front of the other sexes. There cannot have sex until marriage. Their cannot use slang language and there are anti-American. MTV has multiple challenge while doing their television show in Saudi Arabia. One of the problem were the language translation. It did not usually translate properly or reveal a very explicit sexual message. MTV still maintain their Western ties which led to most of their shows being censored. Only forty percent of Arabic teenagers watch this program. The majority of them cannot watch it or do not want to watch it. It was …show more content…

MTVN catered to a huge market segment of nearly 2 billion people worldwide and was expected to provide global platform for Arab music and culture. It influenced young people all over the world and given them a voice and it would try to do the same in the middle east. MTV entered the middle east by tying up with a local partner Arab Media Group (AMG)Partnership. The MTV-AMG combine would not only provide entertainment to the region but would also take up social issues and try to contribute to Arab Society, according to the network. The company’s business environment is very difficult for western companies to venture because it is highly regulated by the government. The government has more say on the media and censor materials that do not fit their laws. The government could promote Anti-American sentiments which can prevailing through a large section of the population country. MTV decided that forming a joint ventures with ATN which was a part of ABN and AMG was excellent idea because it will be a win on both sides. MTV also spoke to the elderly in the society and figures of authority. They also choose not to only target the educated and private school people they appealed to the masses. They want to connect all age group in this venture. This proves the determination of the company and how much they wanted to succeed in this venture. Yes, MTV will be able to succeed in this mixed content

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