Agenda Setting Theroy

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Agenda setting theory Introduction: There is no question that communication is an important element in our life. We can learn how to communicate either by our experiences which probably will take a longtime to learn or by studying the experiences and theories of others. In Communication theory we have learned many theories that are very important to understanding human Communication. Communication is not more important nowadays than before because it’s always been an important aspect of human existence. These days communication style has been developed and has changed dramatically due to the media and the technology. Communications between cultures have never been better than today. A consequence of the development of the media technology is that media now plays a major influence on societies and in some countries the media is considered the fourth branch of government. In my discussion, I have selected agenda setting theory, which is explained by Donald Shaw, Maxwell McCombs, and their colleagues. I chose this theory because of its significance and because it has more explanation of what can be explained beyond the TV shows and reports. Media and freedom of speech is an important thing in America, however I think there is a real communication problem in the way media portrays the Arab World to the American people. There is a misperception in America about the Arab world and this problem is a result of the way that the media portrays events and the way that they pick

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