Abandonment Of The Elderse : Signs And Causes Of Elder Abuse

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("Understanding Elder Abuse," 2017). Signs and symptoms of neglect include malnutrition, dehydration, failing to treat health problems, allowing the elder to live in unsanitary conditions, untreated bed sores, elder reporting being mistreated, and allowing the elder to live in hazardous conditions such as lack of heat or clean water or faulty wiring. Abandonment of the elder is defined as deserting the senior by someone who has responsibilities for caring for the individual, or who has custody over them ("Understanding Elder Abuse," 2017). Signs and symptoms include the elder reporting that they are being abandoned, deserting them in a public place and deserting them in a nursing home or hospital. Financial abuse of an elder is defined as illegally or improperly using the elderly person’s assets or other property. This may include forging their signature, taking cash from the elder, signing the elder’s checks, coercing the elderly person to sign a document they do not understand, stealing their possessions or money, and improperly using the benefits of being their power of attorney, guardian or conservator ("Understanding Elder Abuse," 2017). Signs and symptoms include using the elderly person’s ATM card without permission, disappearance of the elder’s possessions or funds, including the caregiver’s name on the elderly person’s bank card, the elderly person reporting financial exploitation and relatives who suddenly start reappearing who start claiming rights to the

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