Abigail Adams and How She Shaped the Role of Women in American History

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Almost everyone’s heard of her, there have been numerous books written about her, several thousand letters accounted for that she wrote. She was also the wife of the second president and the mother to the sixth American president, who was this woman? She was Abigail Adams. Abigail Adams life didn’t acquire meaning solely from knowing and being around these two great men however, Adams was eminently worth knowing as an individual herself. Throughout the ages, women have always been involved in war but Abigail Adams brought a new concept to women and war with her involvement in the early colonial years and the American Revolution. Abigail Adams did many things in her lifetime but the questions I will be attempting to answer is how…show more content…
Therefore, although she had no formal education herself Abigail was well informed on philosophy, theology, the classics, ancient history, government and law, she especially enjoyed Shakespeare. At the ripe young age of nineteen Abigail Smith became Abigail Adams when she married John Adams. Getting married at nineteen was the standard age for marriage at that time and their marriage was a great partnership approved by all. They wed in her Smith family home in Weymouth Massachusetts by her father, Reverend Smith. John Adams was a lawyer at the time and after the ceremony they drove off in a horse carriage to the Adam’s family cottage where they lived for the beginning time of their marriage. They later moved to Boston and lived in a series of rented homes before settling in their large farm “Peace field” in 1787 while John Adams was Minister to Great Britain.
From the time after the Adams settled on their farm, Abigail Adams began writing. Her letters were mostly to her husband John who was constantly away on business, along with to various other correspondents, mainly family and friends. Shortly after her marriage to John, Abigail gave birth to three sons and two daughters from 1765 to 1772. Abigail Adams was a hard worker and involved mother; even sharing the finances and the farming on their property, while John was off working at his law firm in Boston or away elsewhere on
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