Abortion And Abortion

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There has been plenty of controversy over whether or not abortion is right or wrong. The debate that we face today surrounds legal, moral and religious views. In some cases abortion is completely necessary like if a women is raped, has a medical condition or does not feel ready to be a mother. It can be an uncomfortable topic for most people but it should be discussed so people can be more aware of the facts of the subject. Government are still passing laws about abortion trying to make it harder for women to be able to have one. The people that are passing these laws are mostly Christians that do not think it is morally right for a women to have an abortion. It is crucial that a women should be able to make this choice for herself. Ultimately they should be able to have the free will too decide.
The main issue is that people would say that fetuses are not a person until they have reached a certain stage of development usually the moment they are born or a months earlier than that. Other people would argue that a fetus becomes a person the minute they are conceived and that they should have rights even before they are born. A moral issue women face is the fear or being ashamed of getting an abortion. Being judged for making that decision and having to deal with it too. Making an ethical decision is not decided on those things. However looking at Aristotle’s ethics is teleological, his view is that “everything exist for a purpose/happens for a reason and for an end” (1).

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