Abortion Is The Right Choice

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ABSTRACT Abortion is one of the most controversial issue worldwide. According to anti-abortionist people, there are people who tend to make “bad choices” look good when trying to decide what would be the best decision to an unwanted pregnancy. Both the Pro-Abortion and Pro-Life are being discussed from two different perspectives towards abortion. Anti-Abortionist people disagree with abortion due to their own beliefs. On the other hand, people believe women should have more autonomy in the issue. Not only do anti-abortionist people think abortion should not be an option given to women but also think abortion should be illegal worldwide. Although people can not be forced to have an abortion, people can be very persuasive to make others think abortion is the right choice.

INTRODUCTION Abortion has been one of the most debated topics in the United States for more than a century. There is the anti-abortionist group that believe abortion should be permanently banned from not only the U.S but also worldwide. We live in a world today that abortion takes place every second of everyday. Abortion has become a big issue in today’s generation because of the high percentage of unprotected sex and uncontrolled hormones followed by the miss connection and lack of responsibility and most importantly what the outcomes bring to the table. There are numerous of different perspectives being argued and supported with strong beliefs

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