Abortion Is Wrong Or Right

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For several years there has been an ongoing debate whether abortion is wrong or right. More specifically, the issue breaks down between an ethical and legal issue. Some pro-life people argue that an abortion is morally wrong and should be illegal. Others that are pro-choice argue that an abortion is a legal and bodily right. Whether an abortion is wrong or right, each side supports different arguments. Pro-life argues that abortions are immoral for many reasons despite a woman’s bodily rights and among them is the strongest argument that an unborn child is being killed. Philosopher Patrick Lee and professor of jurisprudence Robert P. George assert that human embryos and fetuses are complete human beings and that an intentional abortion is unjust and objectively immoral (136). They assert this statement by making three points that an unborn child is a complete human being. Lee and George assert this by first stating that it is from the start distinct from any cell of the mother or of the father because it is growing in its own distinct direction and its growth is internally direct to its own survival and maturation (139). Secondly, they add that the embryo is human because it has the genetic makeup characteristic of human beings. Finally, Lee and George argue that the embryo is a complete or whole organism, though immature (139). Another idea that pro-life argues is that a pregnant woman has a duty to that unborn child to carry out gestation. For this reason, Lee

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