Abortion On Abortion

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Researchers including philosophers have defined the term abortion according to how right or wrong they want it to sound. Some have supported the act while some are against the act. For those supporting the act, define abortion as termination of unwanted pregnancy whereas the people against it defines it as termination of life; fetus as it develops into a complete baby. Philosophical arguments are based on what they perceive to be right. They analyze that nearly all or all abortions ought to be unlawful claims relies on the declarations that: (1) the right to life begins at conception-fertilization; (2) abortion is illegal killing and defiance of right to life of the embryo; and (3) the decree should forbid unjust breaches of the right of living. On the perspective that abortion should be legalized in all or majority of situations is based on: One, just like men have the right to control their own bodies, so does women. Two, abortion is nothing illegal but just an act of one’s right. Finally, the law should not prosecute anyone who is exercising their right to have control over their bodies. The aim of this paper is to discuss the philosophical view that the perspective of women is very important in looking at the abortion issue.
Abortion is not just a national issue but also an international topic of debate. Doctors, physicians, anti-abortion group and other groups all have their opinions on this issue. Some condemn it while some support it. The question being, why should

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