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Lavon Russell Joannah Bruscell English 120 - Advanced Composition 08 January 2015 Abstract The purpose of this research paper is to highlight the benefits of allowing the freedom of choice on abortion to continue. The main debate is whether abortion is moral or immoral. One of the great things about being human is to have individual thoughts and opinions. That is something that will never change. In this paper, I will first discuss what abortion is as well as its origin. With the use of various sources, I will showcase statistics that lend support to how I came to the determination that abortion should remain legal. These statistics will include abortion rates in the United States vs. the rest of the world, how income or…show more content…
However, another source lists those statistics from the same 2010 report by the CDC, as 55.7% of women receiving an abortion had no previous abortions, and 7.7% of women that year had three or more prior abortions (“U.S. Abortion Statistics,” n.d.). Although 7.7% of that many women receiving three or more abortions is not negligible, the assumption that allowing abortion to remain legal will cause repeat abortions to rise is flawed. There are many quotes from the Bible used to determine that abortion is wrong, but abortion is never actually referenced. There are some that believe that it is common for the religious to skew Bible verses to fit the basis for their argument. Essentially adjusting the meaning of written text to what they want it to be. There have been religious texts that dictate when abortion is acceptable as well as early Christian text that prohibits it altogether, but does so in a nonspecific context. The earliest description of abortion dates back to 1550 BC, drawn in the Egyptian medical text known as Ebers Papyrus (Head, n.d.). Through various plants and herbs, to include pennyroyal (which may still be used to induce abortions in modern times), a medical or pharmaceutical form of abortion was possible. Surgical abortion didn’t commonly exist until the mid to late 1800s. It may have existed but would have been performed in less than safe conditions before the creation of the Hegar dilator in 1879. The

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