Abortion Satire Essay

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“To Be or Not to Be” What is this world coming to? Some people truly believe it is right to kill an innocent fetus. Mothers’ who are old enough to conceive are old enough to support a baby, whether they are barely a teenager or coming to the end of their “golden years.” Regardless of the circumstance, a baby should never be aborted. When women conceive a baby, immediately, thousands of responsibilities are placed in her hands. Whether you want to have a human being to take care of or not, you will, with no other choice. Say, a women becomes pregnant and truthfully cannot afford a child, that situation does not matter. If living on the streets is necessary, then she should take the initiative and do so. If drugs are merely…show more content…
A baby deserves to experience and witness life’s beauties. If the mother tragically loses her life during childbirth, it is well worth it. Women should not be able to make decisions about how to live their lives. Clearly, by the looks of the statistics, with approximately 42 million abortions a year, women are foolish. Women should not have the option of deciding when or whether to have children. They do this by making choices regarding when to have sexual intercourse and what contraceptive methods to use. The government should have all the power to make these decisions. Abortion reflects a women's value, her family, and her career. All in all, abortion should never be justified under any circumstance. Every woman should have at least one baby in her lifetime because that is what life is all about. Reproduction, not deduction is a way of life. To ensure that every woman has a child, women should be ordered to have sexual relations with their husbands, boyfriends, or male friends, or go to sperm banks to guarantee fertilization of their next egg to be released. A fine up to $100,000 or years in prison should result in failure to do so. “So many eggs that have the potential to become human beings, are being flushed down the toilet or soaked up in napkins every month,” said a wise older man from New Haven, Connecticut, “It disgusts me that so many babies are being killed every month. Imagine that your 26-year-old daughter has been getting her

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