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It is considered by World Health Organization that one fourth of all the progenies in the world terminate in induced abortion. More precisely, the number of induced abortion is nearly 50 million every year(Berer, M., 2000 ). Induced abortion means “abortion brought on deliberately by drugs or mechanical means” (Stedman, T. L.,2008). It can be defined as an abortion that is preceded initiatively, which is opposite to spontaneous abortion. According to World HeaWHO (1993), every year the number of woman who chooses abortion is about 1.5 million in United States. Almost half of American women get unplanned pregnancy, and 54% of these end in abortion (Finer LB & Zolna MR, 2011). Nearly one fifth of pregnancies end in abortion (Jones RK &…show more content…
Then it will argue that making abortion illegal may not prohibit abortion, but cause problems due to harmful influence to woman, unsafe abortion. Lastly, it will come to a conclusion that abortion should not be illegal. Moral and legal right to life _____________________________________ Abortion is always argued with different cases and play a main role in medical ethics (blackwell.,p291).It is evidently reasonable for some to argue that in moral situation, abortion is a murder and it should be illegal, while others may claim that abortion is woman’s right when concerning on autonomy ( The abortion debate in Australia). Opponents of making abortion legal claim that abortion is a kind of murder on extend of moral situation. It is always regarded as a sin to kill a person who is no aggressor in most moral communities (new ethics 1). Fetus is a biologically human as it is not just a part of the mothers, such as a lung or a kidney. On the contrary, it is obvious that fetus is human due to he or she has genetic code of human and human parents as well (abortion myth p5). Moreover, it has potentiality to be a person with primary moral worth (text book p210-211). As Gillion (new ethics) pointed out, every person has his right to life, especially he is not an aggressor. This point is also been pointed by (Rebecca and john,Blackwell p204), “embryos has a right to life” .The fetus is innocent and

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