Abortion Social Conflict Essay

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The social conflict over abortion has been and remains one of the most debated controversial issues in America. It first surfaced as an issue over two centuries ago, however, the argument has become very pronounced since the U.S. Supreme Court ruling of, Roe v. Wade, in 1973 which legalized abortion. It holds two opposing ideologies coined as pro-life and pro-choice. Both groups have powerful and challenging arguments for and against abortion, which gives us reason to believe that not only one side or argument is correct. The issue is one that questions a person's morality and ethics. The pro-life movement, or the right-to-life movement, in the United States contains elements that support its legal prohibition. Being pro-choice, on the other…show more content…
The way one perceives the fetus has great impact on whether you believe abortion is morally acceptable. Pro-life activists are currently fighting for fetal rights because they believe that terminating a pregnancy is the same as slaughtering a baby and that they are already a person from the start of conception, but there is no scientific consensus as to when a fetus is considered “a person” or when their rights are viable. There are also those that believe a fetus is a person when their central nervous system is developed. This is because when the central nervous system is intact, a baby will feel extreme pain when abortion takes place. Abortions frequently occur within the first eight to thirteen weeks and the fetus will not feel pain unless aborted after twenty weeks. This will continue to be a matter of religious or philosophical opinion. Sperm and eggs represent a potential human being, but virtually all sperm and eggs are wasted. Nature even spontaneously aborts two-thirds of human conceptions. If fetal rights were to be embodied in law, women’s bodies, rights, and health would subordinate due to the protection of said embryos. The legal consequences of such a law would be catastrophic. The best way to protect the fetus is to promote the health and well-being of
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