Abortion - The Fate of an Unborn Child Essay

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It is a proven fact that thirty-six or more abortions are performed on women carrying a child aged five months or older on a daily basis. At eight weeks of age, the stomach, liver, and kidneys are functioning, and fingerprints have formed. (U.S. Department of Health & Human Services,
Centers for Disease Control.) Abortion has been defined by the FIGO Ethics Committee as being,
"the termination of pregnancy using drugs and surgical intervention after implantation and before conceptus [the product of conception] has become independently viable" (Schenker and Cain,
1999, p.318). With abortion, however, comes two different labels for the procedure. Their is unsafe abortion, which is defined by WHO (1992) as being, "a procedure for terminating …show more content…

With this procedure, the uterine content, which tends to be very minimal, is extracted from the uterus. After research was conducted, this process was proven to possess the least amount of complications. In the 1980s, with the advancement of medicine, Pharmacological methods were discovered by two scientists. The discovery and development of RU486, which counteracts progesterone, is used to aid in the blocking of ovarian hormones. Progesterone, a vital hormone in the development of the fetus is then blocked, which in turn, commences the abortion process. If injected within the first seven weeks of pregnancy, is shown to abort approximately eighty-percent of unborn children. This drug was created to counteract the hormones, and induce contractions which leads to the eventual expulsion of the embryo/fetus (Harris). Lastly, the extremely gruesome method is cited as the process of Partial Birth Abortion. This process is usually near the end of the pregnancy, and the infant is often-times pulled feet-first to the opening of the womb. The head remains within the womb, and the process of puncturing the skull begins. To puncture the skull, surgical scissors or a Trochar is forcefully driven into the skull. After the skull has been penetrated, a vacuum is inserted and the brains are extracted. After the extraction of the brain the deceased infant's skull collapses, which indicates a successful abortion. Most all of these methods have been proved as legitimate, and effective

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