Abortion : The Medical Or Surgical Termination Of A Pregnancy

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Abortion refers to the medical or surgical termination of a pregnancy. It is argued that a woman has a right over her pregnancy and hence the woman could decide on whether to abort on not. As a result, the woman should not be compelled to give birth when the woman is not able to or does not intend to carry the pregnancy to its full term. For instance, in the United States, women have the right to decide on their destiny regarding pregnancy. It is projected that approximately 14 million chemical abortions take place in the United States every year. However, the issue of performing 4D ultrasound scans on all elective abortion patients has created a great controversy in the United States in the recent years. The 4D ultrasound is utilized in taking the fetus’ images from various angles and thus giving various features of the fetus as well as capturing the movement of the fetus. With this regard, the critics of 4D ultrasounds argue that the procedure is unethical and it could not change a woman’s decision to terminate the pregnancy. On the contrary, the proponents of 4D ultrasounds contend that this procedure is necessary part of informed consent regarding elective abortions. This research paper seeks to critically examine the issue of whether states should require doctors, as a matter of informed consent, to provide 4D ultrasounds for all patients considering elective abortions, before such abortions can be conducted.
Brief history of the 4D ultrasounds The phenomenon of

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