Is Abortion The Complicated Act Of Removing A Fetus?

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Kate Turri 3/8/17 ELA Period 8 Abortion Essay Abortion is the complicated act of removing a fetus from the womb of its mother before the full pregnancy has been completed. In the 13th century, women would be hung if they followed through with the act of abortion after six weeks of being pregnant, as it was considered homicide (Rich). Abortion between the fifteenth and eighteenth week was perceived as a capital offense well into the nineteenth century (Rich). Afterwards, abortion was denied to any woman, in England or the United States, unless the mother’s life was at risk (Rich). In the late twentieth century, a court case called “Roe v. Wade” created great controversy among the nation and served as a basis…show more content…
For example, they use the help of modern day technology to change the mother’s mind. They also set up counseling stations in front of abortion clinics for questioning mothers. Some people have found that showing a mother her own sonogram is perhaps one of the most powerful tools in creating uncertainty when it comes to a woman’s decision to get an abortion or not. Showing a woman that what is growing inside of her has a beating heart can drastically clear up any ambivalence about her desire to get an abortion (Chittom). Since these images can be very graphic, it 's best to present them gently in order to help ease the mother’s mind and persuade her into coming to term with her pregnancy. Another use of technology is pictures of babies that were aborted in the early stages of pregnancy, this can assist with influencing the mother to change her mind. One argument against abortion is that it can cause not only emotional defects to the mother, but psychological and spiritual harm as well. In the aftermath, the woman will most likely experience unfortunate emotional and spiritual scars. Many Americans who are opposed to women having the right to an abortion usually don 't speak out for fear that they will be called radicals for telling women it 's morally wrong to seek an abortion prematurely (Wilson). Post-abortive women often experience depression, pain, sadness, and significant amounts of

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