Abortion Vs Abortion In Beowulf

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The Killer Within Within each individual, there is a sliver of a killer living deep inside. The most evident of these is expressed through the action of abortion. In comparison to abortion, Grendel’s attacks in Beowulf blindsides the faultless people of Herot demolishing the town where they reside. Grendel unremorsefully targets the helpless citizens of Herot while abortion also quarries on innocent victims leaving emotional, physical, and psychological devastations in its’ wake. In comparison with the emotional baggage that comes along with the attacks on the hall of Herot, abortion similarly impacts the lives of Americans today. The aftermath of the attacks played out by Grendel can easily be compared to the lasting effects an abortion can have on numerous lives. The theme of innocence is best displayed when the author portrays Grendel coming upon sleeping citizens of Herot. As any vicious monster does, Grendel takes advantage of the individuals who are asleep and strips the life away from their souls. Likewise, abortion essentially commits the same crime as Grendel. However, abortion can be delineated as the monster of the real world. To elaborate, abortion permits the legal act of murder while tacking on distress to those around them as a result. One key difference among many is the simple point that abortion grants permission by law to legally seize the life of a child who never even got the chance to take a breath of fresh air. In addition, some Americans even view

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