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Have you noticed cracks in the walls, uneven floors or gaps above the cabinets? These are some indications that it’s time for a foundation repair. The foundation repair experts from Abry Brothers, which is the oldest foundation repair company, are ready to help. The highly skilled field teams “have been trained to spot weaknesses, repair them and protect the structure from future vulnerabilities.” This expertise in foundation repair comes from the 175 years of presence in the foundation repair business. They provide services in the various cities of Texas, such as Dallas, Sugar Land, Fort Worth, Houston, League City, and other surrounding cities. The Abry Brothers field teams are experts in geotechnical engineering and know exactly how to encounter and fix a foundation problem. According to these experts, the changes in the weather and soil conditions are the prominent causes of the foundation problems. The hot weather of Texas causes the soil to lose moisture and settle, and the rainy weather causes the soil to expand and push the foundation upwards. These recurrent changes disturb the foundation and cause problems. Employing the idea of building the support on the hard rock layer, the Abry experts make a deep hole in the ground that reaches the hard rock surface, and then use concrete piers to build the support. Thus,…show more content…
It is imperative to fix the foundation problems before they cause bigger problems to the residential or commercial property. Thus, the Abry Brothers ready to assist with just a phone call. The knowledgeable experts evaluate the problems and provide a free foundation repair estimate. Along with the foundation repairs, the Abry brothers also perform house leveling, structural repair, concrete slab repair, and drainage services. With so many benefits, Abry Brothers is undoubtedly the best company to be contacted for foundation
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