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Abstract: “Nanoparticle vaccines”, an article written by Liang Zhao et al. condenses a large amount of information on the topic of nanovaccinology and presents that information in an organized and straightforward manner, however, it only scratches of the field and the lack of clarity relating to its audience can lead to it being confusing. The article could prove useful to a scientist possibly interested in doing research in nanovaccinology, however it would likely not be any new information for experts in the field.

The article “Nanoparticle vaccines”, by Liang Zhao et al., seeks to condense information regarding nanotechnology and its role in vaccine development. The authors support the use of nanoparticles when developing vaccines, and
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Why do the authors think developing these vaccines is so important? Perhaps the authors thinking that developing these vaccines is important could be considered an opinion, but if so, it’s a very broad and nonspecific opinion. What is their reasoning behind thinking these vaccines are so important? What impacts (economically, medically, etc.) could the vaccines have, and do they think the benefits of the vaccines outweigh the consequences? They don’t address these questions, which can again relate to the lack of a clear target audience: what audience are they trying to target, and would that audience have the same questions? It is certainly a negative feature of the article.

One positive feature of the article was its organization; it was clear what topics it intended to touch upon, and it laid out the general plan for the article very concisely. It is used well when Zhao et al. explain how “we (the authors) first survey advances in the types of nanoparticles…then conclude with remarks about the further potential and future prospects for vaccinology” (2013, pg. 328). They set up the course the article would take very early, which made it clear what subjects they wanted to speak about.

However, as a reader, it was quite easy to get lost in the article. Many different aspects of the technology behind nanoparticle vaccines were thrown at the audience at once, and it was almost overwhelming. There is an immense amount of dense material seen throughout the article, from

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