Abstract . The Past Year Election Was One Of The Most Controversial

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Abstract The past year election was one of the most controversial elections I have seen. Even the polls got the winner wrong. Since I have been in this country I have never seen a poll prediction that has been so far off even the day of the election. In the next couple of pages an attempt to explain what went so wrong with the polls. From the new era of cellphones, to hidden voters who lied to the pollsters. To them not counting uneducated voters because they are less likely to vote. Three lessons that we learned this past election and one of the most important to me is to remember that predicting the future is very hard. That no one can have 100% prediction.

What went wrong in 2016?
As the night of November 8th, 2016
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Pollsters underestimated the amount of Trump hidden votes. The number of people who were undecided at the time of election day and then decided to vote for Trump. Some of them were not even aware of their preference until election day.
Cell phones
Prior to cell phones, technology was less advanced meaning people still owned landlines. Landlines were more accessible; pollsters just had to go to a phone book look at the number and call. They also set a specific demographic on what county or region would vote for who. Allowing them to also have a more accurate and random sample pulling. However, when cell phones came into play, they do not allow to have much of an accurate or random pulling anymore. One of the problems with cell phones is region. People move homes, with cell phones they can keep their number even if they move from one state to another. Giving the pollsters wrong data on region or county. Let’s say someone from Miami moves to Frt. Lauderdale, they can keep their area code number, making it bias for the pollsters.
Another issue with cell phones is that many of us like to keep our information private. Unlike landlines, there is no phonebook to get the numbers from. Per Vann R. Newkirk II other online surveys and methods have been tried in order
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