Abuse Of Animals In Namit Arora's On Eating Animals

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What is it that makes a difference between a dog and a cow? Or maybe a cat and a pig? It's viewed as unethical to eat your dog or cat, however it is perfectly okay to eat a cow or pig. In the startling article written by Namit Arora, she shows the truth how animals are raised for the slaughterhouse. Almost every family in the United States has raised an animal at some point in their lives and must watch them grow and pass on, however, no one stops and considers what it is like for the animals that are not raised as pets but for the tightly wrapped meat that is sold at markets. In recent years, farm animals have went from animals grazing in a pasture to fattened pieces of meat going through an assembly line full of enhancements. Pulling at the strings of our hearts, Arora brings the truth about these animals’ lives to light. It poses the question, is the sacrifice and abuse of these animals worth the meat from their body? Showing her disgusted view on the matter, Arora shows the truth behind the slaughterhouse to those who fail to see and pushes the reader to see how the situation really is.
When beginning the Article, “On Eating Animals,” Namit Arora connects with the audience by using a story about a cow that was given the name Molly, and “was sent to a nearby farm to live out her days grazing under open skies…” (Arora). The story is used to grab the attention of the audience and lead them into the shocking article about animal slaughter. The vividly grotesque writing

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