Academic Integrity Essay

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“I would prefer even to fail with honor than to win by cheating.” – Sophocles Academic dishonesty is a current problem in our society. It occurs at each level of education. It summarizes all types of cheating in education system all over the world. Students, faculty, and staff of HBU are responsible to keep the Academic Integrity Policy. Its goal is to develop a moral attitude and to grow in Christian ideals. We should do all individual work alone, use our own knowledge when we do homework, follow all university rules. According to HBU Academic Integrity Policy, these acts of behavior are considered as a cheating: submitting the work or record of someone else as his own, copying another’s quiz, exam answers, or homework, cooperating with another student during an assessment, when a student uses, buys, sells, or otherwise shares for example parts of the exam. Students are breaking an academic integrity because they want to achieve higher scores without much effort. Unfortunately, breaking these rules may cause a lot of unpleasant consequences. In the article “Cheating in college”, Bryce Buchmann introduces 5 reasons why college students cheat. First, ambiguous attitudes among students about what is considered as cheating and what is not. A lot of students think that some plagiarism is not considered as cheating, so then their academic dishonesty occurs even more. Next reason is a lot of competitive pressure to be the smartest from the class and of course, to have the best
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