Academic Process Of Sociological Research

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As observed by the Journal of American College Health and Rivero, E.M. et al (2014), “90% of all individuals who die by suicide … have a diagnosable psychiatric condition … [and] although approximately 1,100 college students die by suicide each year, fewer than 20% of students … were receiving mental health treatment.” The journal goes on to state that those who were receiving professional treatment were less likely to attempt suicide, along with the students who had a strong support group of family and friends. By implementing a program designed to intervene and provide aid before a suicide attempt can be made, the hopes of a positive outcome and may increase the amount of students who succeed and graduate from college.

It will be my duty to further examine the 2014 research done by Rivero, E.M. and associates in order to dissect the academic process of sociological research. In doing so, it will inadvertently be discovered how to recognize bias and know the importance of ethical guidelines when doing sociological research. At the conclusion of this report, the scientific method, its importance, and why using multiple reliable sources is important for any credible report will also be understood. Furthermore, this report will explain the different kinds of research methodology.

For this study, the sociologists made suicide the center of their research. But suicide, being too broad of a topic was narrowed down to the impact of early intervention on the rates of suicide

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