Accepting Guilt In Amir's The Kite Runner

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As Amir grows up in Kabul, he chooses to think only for himself, betraying the person who cares for him the most and in consequence, is overcome by crushing guilt. After Amir wins the esteemed kite flying competition, Hassan faithfully decides to run the last kite for Amir as a prize for Amir’s father, Baba. Hassan is confronted in an alley after chasing down the fallen kite by Amir’s past tormentors, Assef and his friends, who want the kite. Amir finds the boys, assesses the situation, and decides to hide himself in the alley. All the while Hassan valiantly defends the kite to the best of his abilities. He is soon overpowered three against one fight, and Amir watches in horror as Hassan is pinned to the floor and mercilessly raped by Assef. Amir …show more content…

Even avoiding Hassan cannot erase the memory Amir is trying so hardly to forget. He is constantly followed by the guilt which immediately followed his actions. It is suffocating him, stealing the air from his body. Seeing Hassan magnifies the inescapable feeling that builds in his chest, and seeing him when he is not present angers Amir. Hassan is well aware of Amir’s betrayal, but he continues to be a faithful friend and an obedient servant and this frustrates and confuses Amir. He cannot understand why Hassan treats him well when he deserves the exact opposite. This irrational anger towards Hassan drives Amir to sabotage Hassan and his father’s place in Baba’s household. Amir hides money under Hassan’s bed in his hut for Baba to find later. Though Baba immediately forgives Hassan’s supposed crime of theft, he and his father, Ali, make the decision to leave the property and live on their

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