Accessibility and-or Usability in the Context of Web Design and Computing

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According to Pratt & Nunes (2012), accessibility and/or usability in the context of web design and computing are two closely related features. Their approaches, goals and guidelines closely overlap each other, hence it is convenient to collectively consider them in web designing and content development. However, it may be necessary to be specific sometimes especially when addressing the issue of discrimination against those with disabilities or in defining the specific accessibility and usability standards.
This paper addresses the synchronization of accessibility and usability particularly in the development of accessible computer systems, which promotes usability of appropriate web content. Accessibility in this case is concerned with ensuring a comparable user experience for all user regardless of their ability and /or disability including age related impairments. This implies that an accessible system should be easily understood, perceived, navigated and should interact with the user without barriers. The access to information as well as access to efficient technology is a fundamental human right as stipulated in the UN convention on the rights of people with disabilities.
On the other hand, Seffah, Gulliksen & Desmarais (2005) argue that usability revolves around the design of products which are effective, efficient and user-satisfying. This is an integral part of the process of human-computer interaction that is primarily user centered so as to yield positive user
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