Assistive Technology Essay

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Assistive Technology

The use of technology in educating children with special needs has widely grown in the past few decades. Individuals with special needs are unique and all have different areas in which they need assistance. Due to the advancements in assistive technology, computer programs, software, and other technology tools, it has become much easier for people to find useful and easier ways to become educated. Because of this, “technology has changed the way people with disabilities live, work, and learn.” (Winzer,98)

Although computers were initially created for use in business, they have since become a key resource for teaching all children, including those with special needs.(Winzer, 83) Many …show more content…

These programs are an excellent tool in helping individuals memorize and grasp certain concepts.

Other types of traditional applications include tutorial programs, simulation programs, and problem solving programs. Tutorial programs differ greatly from drill and practice software. Instead of re-teaching already learned information, these programs introduce new information, concepts and ideas. Simulation programs are visual simulations that help children with special needs learn how to make good choices. “These programs model reality and allow students to use their skills to make decisions and solve problems in a safe learning environment.” (Olson, 325) These programs are especially useful in preparing individuals with special needs for life after graduation. By being placed in different situations, children are able to gain knowledge that may help them later on in life. The great aspect of these programs is that the children do not need to leave the computer in order to gain useful outside knowledge. Problem solving programs are also very useful in educating kids with special needs. In these types of programs, children are given a problem and then required to take the necessary

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