Accident by Todd Davis

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The Dalai Lama once said, “I hope in the darkest of days, and focus in the brightest” ( Hope is a subject that is heavily present in “Accident” by Todd Davis. Typically, spring is a symbol for hope. It often brings people brighter thoughts after cold, dark winters. Support can also affect how optimistic a person is. The purpose of a person’s life is a large source of hope. In the poem, the narrator is thinking about a recent event in which a man killed himself. The son of the suicidal man and the child of the narrator were friends, and the narrator is contemplating why the man shot himself. The narrator does not understand why the man could not find hope. In “Accident”, Todd Davis proposes that through seasonal metaphors, family support, and a person’s purpose, hope can always be found. The environment that one is living in can supply hope. Todd Davis showed this through a seasonal metaphor. The narrator of the poem talks about weather changing and getting better, providing the metaphor. The weather getting warmer and the arrival of spring symbolizes new life and a new start. The narrator ponders, “I’m not sure/ why he couldn’t wait,” then later talks about blossoms opening (Davis 787, 4-5). This quote and other hints about spring are discussing how the new season is bringing new hope for many. The narrator says that “we understand/ the ones who decide to leave us in February” (Davis 787, 5-6). This is discussing how during the winter, life can feel so
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