Poetic Devices In The Dream Within A Dream

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Charles Arms Mrs. Raloff A.P. Literature 25 February 2018 Analysis of “A Dream Within a Dream” Many people can relate to the feeling of desperation that comes with acknowledgement of a person’s cosmic insignificance. In the poem “A Dream Within a Dream”, Poe utilizes multiple poetic devices in order to shape and define the way a reader analyzes the poem. These devices further bring the reader to understand the purpose of the poem: to show how death is inescapable. In the first stanza, Poe has a focal point centered around the losing of a loved one, and the losing of hope. In the very first line, Poe starts by saying “Take this kiss upon the brow! / And in parting from you now” (1-2). Poe is setting up the poem by showing the reader how the speaker is…show more content…
If hope has left, even though it is gone, can it be considered any more present had it never existed? In Cummings Study Guide, the loss of hope experienced was described as both frustrating, and discouraging. This course of thought tends to make the reader sympathetic to the narrator, while he is more clearly depressed and angered rather than just hopeless. Found in these lines of the poem is anapestic meter that quickens the pace at which the reader reads. It contrasts the desperate mood of the poem by giving a sing-song feel to the poem. It contradicts the message sent across and gives off an unsettling feeling Poe is trying to send. In the poem, these multiple mentions of hopelessness and sadness eventually lead the reader to the first occurrence of the refrain: “All that we see or seem / is but a dream within a dream (10-11). Poe references dreams again, and it still represents his powerlessness to help himself escape from his lack of hope. The narrator is overcome by the feeling of everything that he sees and feels, is uncontrollable to him. The narrator feels hopeless and, according to Student Bounty: “Trapped”. The word trapped, adds another element of depth to the narrator’s situation. It shows

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