Accomplishments Of Albert Einstein

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years first in trying to prove that the quantum theory had inconsistencies in it. No one could have been more ingenious in thinking up unexpected and clever examples; but it turned out that the inconsistencies were not there; and often their resolution could be found in earlier work of Einstein himself. When that did not work, after repeated efforts, Einstein had simply to say that he did not like the theory. He did not like the elements of indeterminacy. He did not like the abandonment of continuity or of causality.” (Oppenheimer, Robert)
He summed up his scientific career by saying “The real goal of my research has always been the simplification of and unification of the systems of theoretical physics” ( Einstein). Einstein did not like to conform to the ideas of others and so was always different and alone in his thoughts.
His scientific work has allowed for a much broader understanding of how the world works and made some very useful inventions possible.
Albert Einstein’s scientific theories accelerated the development of the world like never before and he gave scientists the tools to mold almost every observable aspect of life as we live today. From nuclear energy production to synchronization of GPS satellites to computers to many everyday consumer products; all can be traced or linked to Einstein’s work.” (Ten Major Accomplishments of Albert Einstein)
We live in a world created by Einstein. He has also impacted our literature and philosophy. Many science

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