According To Seccombe's Explanation Of Family

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Family. A word that has about as many meanings as there are stars in the sky. Can family truly be defined, or is it merely interpretive? According to Seccombe, family is a relationship by blood, marriage, or affection, in which members may cooperate economically, may care for children, and may consider their identity to be intimately connected to the larger group (Seccombe 4). Although I do agree with the above explanation of family, I believe that it is inadequate in that it only supplies a framework of family rather than the duties and purpose. To me, family is a unit of individuals, related or not, that symbolize and exude comfort, solace, and support through all the trials and triumphs life throws our way.
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The intergenerational transmission refers to the practice in which one generation passes down morals, traditions, and principles to the following generation (Davis – Sower August 25 lecture notes). Both my mother’s parents as well as my father’s did not want either of them to date out of their race. At the time, interracial dating was still a sensitive subject open to prejudice, a negative attitude about members of selected racial and ethnic groups (Seccombe 51) as well as discrimination, behaviors, actions, or practices based on racial or ethnic preferences that have harmful impacts (Seccombe 51). Despite the resistance, my parents generated my family or orientation, the family in which I was born into (Seccombe 4). I was the first of three children to be born in my family. Soon I would learn that being the eldest yielded increased responsibilities. My brother and sister, who are twins, were born seven years after me. Upon the twin’s arrival, my family became a single – parent family, one parent providing for the children (Davis – Sower August 25 lecture notes). My father left my family making only the occasional sporadic …show more content…

My family was a lower middle class family striving to stay afloat. In order to cover our assets so that we could live relatively comfortable lives, my mother worked three jobs. According to the liberal model, my mother’s rigorous schedule led to our family suffering from time poverty (Davis – Sower August 25 lecture notes). In my situation, time poverty was essentially the loss of family time and companionship with my mother due to her excessive work schedules. My mother’s demanding work schedule meant that often times, I had to be responsible for my younger siblings. My mom despised having to work such unenjoyable jobs that triggered my untimely responsibility load as well as her missing numerous valuable instants in all of her children’s life Nonetheless, my mother was willing to do whatever it took to provide for our family (Davis – Sower September 8 lecture

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