According To The Cdc, From 2011-2015 For Adolescent Hispanic

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According to the CDC, from 2011-2015 for adolescent Hispanic females ages 15-18, suicide was the second leading cause of death. The theorist Durkheim choose to study Suicide for a number of reasons, one of which was to demonstrate the new science, sociology (Ritzer 2011 Pg198). In regards to adolescent Latina suicides, I argue that in fitting with Durkheim’s ideas on suicide, they would most likely be classified as Egoistic suicides and preventative steps could be taken in bringing about a higher sense of integration. Durkheim’s theories and work on suicide classified the phenomenon into four types; Egoistic, Altruistic, Anomic and Fatalistic (Ritzer Pg 200-202). Durkheim’s concept of social integration ties into egoistic suicide as it…show more content…
For example, many Latinas such as myself come from conservative households which holds the idea of avoiding pre-marital sex, however television and friends may state otherwise. Alvarez (2014) concurs this sentiment with her statement, “the adolescent struggles for autonomy, as represented by American values…while the parent struggles for family connectedness, as represented by traditional Latino values.” In other words, the adolescents wish to live for themselves, with the new ideas, while the values they grew up with, ask them to put that aside for their familys’. Zayas et al. (2005) states “…familism reflects the centrality of the family in the institutional structure of Latin American societies and the governing role of the family in the individual’s life and behavior…emphasizes maintenance of family cohesion, obligation and intense attachment to relative, and primacy of the family in the individual’s self-identity and social world.” The adolescent Latina is taught that family is first and is the most important, playing a large role in their life. They must strive to help out the family as much, whenever they can whether this be financially or simply taking care of younger siblings, or elder family members. As a Latina coming from a Hispanic family, this rings true as the notion of helping the family was heavily enforced and emphasized not only in my own home, but in that of fellow Latino students. During high-school, many friends

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