Accounting Is All About The Way In Which Corporations Record

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Accounting is all about the way in which corporations record their revenues and assets over a certain period of time. Although the notion may exist that accounting is merely a recording function, this is not entirely true. Rather, accountants also analyze the cost structure of certain transactions and play a strong role in the strategy formulation of mergers & acquisitions, for example. Other responsibilities of accountants include such activities as managing information systems, tracking financial performance, and assessing tax strategies. Accounting is an exciting career path that affords various opportunities in terms of career direction. One can enter the field of auditing, progress into taxation, or transition into management …show more content…

The level of skill required to practice accounting is dependent on the specific position. Generally speaking, however, most positions will require the ability to analyze information and synthesize it. Accountants must be able to defend their position with logical reasoning, and use their communication skills to exhibit fluency in their ability to discern between quality and faulty financial statements. When one begins a career in accounting, he or she can expect a culture based on teamwork. The path begins from the position of a junior member. This member must be able to function as an independent thinker, as many analyses performed will be at the discretion of his or her manager. Furthermore, the junior member must be able to handle the auditing function and prepare financial statements. If he or she possesses these traits, the junior member can expect a bright career. Recently, growth in accounting has increased the number of job openings in the field. This is supported by bureau of labor statistics which demonstrate the growth. Although the competitiveness has also been enhanced, if a person comes into accounting with the right skills and business education, then he or she is positioned for a career of personal and professional development. Some of the top firms include KPMG, Ernst and Young, Deloitte and Touche, Price WarterhouseCoopers, Grant Thornton, BDO Seidman, and McGladerly and Pullen. Usually, these firms hire college

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