Accuracy And Validity Of An Instrument Affect Its Validity

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1. We point out in the chapter that scores from an instrument may be reliable but not valid, yet not the reverse. Why would this be so?
The scores from any source can be reliable as the authority or sincerity towards responses is expected. Validity is of different type’s criterion, and the content validity. Face validity is often calculated and verified for instruments by teachers and it validates the nature of instruments but it doesn’t ensure the validity of all types.
2. What type of evidence—content-related, criterion-related, or construct-related—do you think is the easiest to obtain? The hardest? Why?
Type of evidence is of different types, the content related evidences are the easiest to obtain. Constructs are based upon questionnaires and their validity so it requires ensured validity for long run effects and validity of instruments. Sample size and tests to be applied are also issues in criterion and construct validity.
3. In what way(s) might the format of an instrument affect its validity?
Format of an instrument affect validity as it requires a balanced mode of the questionnaires and interviews to be done. In case the questions are lengthy, the required level of questionnaires will be more than the satisfactory limit that will cause lack of information and evidences. The respondent will not have any interest in responses for a lengthy questionnaires.
4. “There is no single piece of evidence that satisfies construct-related validity.” Is this statement

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