Achievability Of The American Dream Essay

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The American Dream is something often referenced by politicians, businesses, and other media producers, but the achievability of the American Dream, as well as the nature of the dream itself, is not a topic that is often discussed. One of the details that is concerning about the American Dream itself, is that it relies on money as a success indicator. Money is not indicative of happiness. Money is extremely difficult to achieve. Money relies on elements like higher education, which is at a scarcity for low income families (Gladwell). Money doesn’t rely on the ability to work earnestly, but on the freedom to work earnestly, a freedom almost half of Americans are deprived of (Prof. Golden). The American Dream relies on the existence of median income levels, which are disappearing (Priester, Mendelson). So we must ask ourselves is the American Dream still achievable? The answer is no, the American Dream is not practically achievable, since nearly all success indicators rely on chance, and do not indicate happiness Switch to slide 3 One of the crucial, roadblocks to the achievement of the American Dream is growing income inequality in the United States. The easiest way to reach an upper income level is to work in stages. Ordinarily, a lower income person would start at the bottom, then, working through several median income…show more content…
(Vandivier) This means that more income inequality you have, the less achievable the American Dream becomes. But looking at this graph, it doesn’t look like it should be called the American Dream at all. After all, America is doing the worst out of all the countries shown, and is set to grow worse. The few rungs on the economic ladder that we have, are disappearing, making it difficult enough to climb the economic ladder, even without our next
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