Achieved Statuses In Sports

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Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! I roll over and shut off my alarm. My body aches from the lack of sleep and yesterday’s workout. I threw on my gym clothes and headed out the door. There was work to be done. Almost everyone belongs to some particular group and claims an achieved status. An achieved status is a status that is earned or chose. One of my achieved statuses is baseball. Being on the baseball team, or any club in that matter, requires a big time commitment and a lot is expected. My role or what is expected of me is weights, and keeping the required skills for baseball throughout the Fall and Winter are required. When the season rolls around, my coach expects that I make the routine plays and hit the ball hard the entire length of the season. My role performance or the things I actually do for this role are both strength and baseball workouts to keep in shape during the off season. I do my best to hit the ball and make the routine plays but baseball is a game of failure and things do not always work out. I have also experienced role conflict in baseball. Role conflict is when a person is supposed to play two incompatible roles. Our …show more content…

An ascribed status is a status that is already given or one that is already had. One of my ascribed statuses is being a brother. I had no control over spending my life with my sister Raigan. It was between my parents and God. Being a brother comes with great responsibility. I am expected to keep her safe and away from boys. Also, I have to be there for her when she needs to talk and it is too private and girly for my parents’ ears. I perform my role by having long talks with her when she needs them and I do not get my parents involved. Also, being in high school, stuff spreads like a wildfire and eventually everyone finds out. My sister is getting more involved with dating and boys and I have to try and find the perfect balance between protecting her and letting her have high school

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