Achieving Magnet Status and Change Essay

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Achieving Magnet Status and Change
In the twentieth century the medical field has seen many changes. One way that hospitals and nursing specifically has changed and implemented the changes is by pursuing accreditations, awards, and recognitions. The purpose of this paper is to understand Magnet Status and the change required by hospitals to achieve it.
Overview of Magnet Status The history of Magnet Status began in 1992. The American Nurse Credentialing Center first developed of the idea of Magnet Status after extensive research studies were perform during the nursing shortage of the 1980’s. The goal was to find out why some hospitals were able to retain and even recruit nurses during the shortage. It was found that of the 165 …show more content…

The application process for Magnet recognition can take several years and involves the hospital as a whole. The application and appraisal process is evolved, lengthy and voluntary. It takes dedication from all involved with the institute, from the bedside nurse to the highest level of management. A facility begins the process years prior to the actual application time. During this year all in the hospital begin to implement and practice the fourteen forces of Magnetism. These forces center on nursing, from quality to leadership to monument to autonomy and even interdisciplinary relationships and professional development. (Association) Once a facility as met all of the application requirements, paid the fees, a site visit is arraigned. If all goes well, a hospital is awarded Magnet Recognition.
Influence of Magnet Recognition in Health Care Organizations.
There are many ways that a facility changes when implementing and maintaining Magnet Recognition. Here we will discuss 3 ways Magnet Recognitions has influenced such change. First, we need to look at the change that occurs at the management level. Next is a way staff can improve themselves as well as the facility. Last is the participation from the physicians. All of these must be achieved together to reach excellent nursing care and Magnet Recognition.
A change that occurs is at the management level. Development of shared governance is one way that

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