Achille-Claude Debussy

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Achille-Claude Debussy born 1862-1918 was one of the most key French musicians of the early twentieth century. Calude Debussy was born in a town called St. Germain-en-Laye near Paris France. At the age of eleven he entered the Paris Institute of Arts and where (The Enjoyment of Music Claude Debussy page 291) he was known as one of the clearest individuals connected with Impressionist music. (Politoske, Daniel T, Martin Werner (1988). Music, Fourth Edition. Prentice Hall. p. 419.) In 1903 in Debussy’s home in France , where he was made Chevalier of the Legion of Honour and was among the most powerful composers of the late 19th and 20th centuries, and his preparation of non-traditional scales and chromaticism swayed several musicians who

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