Achilles: Modern Soldier

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Achilles, Modern Soldier I was privy to many discussions and arguments that took place behind the backs of the soldiers’ leadership as to why they should do what they were being commanded to do by them. All too often soldiers begin to become complacent when they feel over taxed by their leadership or taken advantage of and become pathos driven when they cannot see the fruits of their labor coming to fruition during war or even peacekeeping missions; especially long deployments such as Iraq, Afghanistan or Kosovo. Achilles speech in “The Envoys Plead with Achilles” is pathos driven because it exemplifies aspects of emotionally driven complacency experienced in war due to selfish deceitful leadership, length of deployments, and a feeling…show more content…
Why have they been fighting here for ten-years? To rescue Helen? But what an inane cause to die for” (Corbett and Connors 13). Achilles was in his tent contemplating the meaning of the war, as do most soldiers when they have down time after extreme battle. He was trying to rationalize a concept that there is no rationalization for. The same is true today because soldiers still ask the question whether we are in Iraq because of a personal vendetta, oil or supposed weapons of mass destruction. Achilles believed that he was not receiving his share of recognition for the work he was doing in the war effort. Achilles states, “You can take it that neither my Lord Agamemnon nor the rest of the Danaans are going to win me over, since it appears that a man gets no thanks for struggling with the enemy day in and day out” (Homer 7). Odysseus argued that Agamemnon would give him many rewards for his return to battle, but in Achilles’ reply he says that he doesn’t want anything from Agamemnon. He begins to come to the realization that he wants a long life rather than personal glory and wealth so he declines the offer. Achilles had more influence and power than a typical soldier because he was an officer, but he still suffered the same repercussions of war. At times Achilles speech seems disorganized, but it is pathos driven and emotions can cloud logic and trigger anger to the point where a
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