Action M Battlefield Casualties Analysis

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Toying with Veteran's Struggles in 'Action Man: Battlefield Casualties'
James Scott

The struggles of veterans' after war becomes literal child's play in Action Man: Battlefield Casualties.
The horrors of war are never far away from us, even if we're miles away from where the fighting's at. Every day we're exposed to it and that exposure has created a mental disconnect between the violence and the aftermath. Suffering most of all are the veterans of war— pretty much any war— whose lives are irrevocably changed as a result of military service. In an attempt to make the difficulties of post-war life more understandable, director Price James and writer Darren Cullen's short film Action Man: Battlefield Casualties parodies eighties toy commercials in order to tell the realities of veterans' lives. These faux-commercials both entertain and educate with their interesting visual look as well as hyper-realistic depictions.
Based on original artwork by Cullen, each commercial has its own doll under the Action Man "brand" and every doll is characterized by a different struggle veteran's face. Utilizing this format was a good move on James' part since it allows for each doll's impairment to be fully explored. With a voice over done incredibly well by Matt Berry, the commercials …show more content…

He comes with a wheelchair and letters about his healthcare benefits being canceled. Without the money to pay for his healthcare, Paralyzed Action Man is forced to work despite his disability making work incredibly painful. In the commercial, children imitate his groans of pain like they would imitate a war cry. Portraying one of the most important issues of our time—loss of healthcare benefits for physically disabled people—makes the commercial particularly impactful since it affects not only veterans. However, veterans are perhaps the most victimized by the system as they're snubbed by the very government they chose to

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