Activity 4 : Who Is The Best?

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Activity 4: Who Is The Best?
You all know it. There are several things that make Americans accept the belief that their country is the greatest, but is that really true? First of all, words like “greatest” and “worst”, while definite, are quite subjective. Most people do not look at the whole picture when they make claims such as these. Anyhow, let us examine if America is a nation with minimal problems and game changing strengths.
Here’s the plan: I have already set it up so that you each could have a pen pal from another countries. You will discuss the following when you speak with them in order to determine which country, yours or your pen pal’s, is better. What are the crime rates in your country? Which city has the worse crime rates …show more content…

In America, there are laws designed to bring about equality, but equality is not always enough nor is it always practiced. In some countries, such as Morocco and Japan, most civilians are not even allowed to have firearms according to This means mass shootings are way less likely to happen. The goal of this class should have been met by now, and there is of course always more to learn. The dominant opinions in society can definitely be challenged. In America, it benefits the white male protestant christian of middle or upper class status. You may hear all sorts of ridiculous things in the news or other forms of media, such as the idea that all Muslims are a threat or believe in killing non believers.

Community Site & Conclusion As you go about your life, think critically. When you see or hear something, especially if it sounds extreme, look at it a few more times in depth until you find a truth that resonates with you. The “us or them” mentality needs to go. Every American needs to be accepted, along with immigrants since the United States is a country full of immigrants. Do not feel too bad if you found yourself having a quite biased attitude towards groups besides your own. While this was designed particularly for the most privileged in society, it is also a way that those marginalized in society can have their experiences validated. Again, getting depressed over this will not help at all. Try to find a

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