Acute Respiratory Failure

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Mechanical ventilation is the treatment for patients who show the sign of acute respiratory failure. Patients would get acute respiratory distress from inadequate oxygenation or ventilation that associated with hypoxemia without or with hypercapnia. Mechanical ventilation is used for these patients based on when the patients’ partial pressure of oxygen in arterial (PaO2) is less than 50 mm Hg and partial pressure of carbon dioxide (PaCO2) greater than 50 mm Hg.1 Under normal condition, when patients are breathing normal or spontaneous the diaphragm contracts on inhalation, moving toward the abdomen, and the chest wall expands.1 As one can see breathing through mechanical ventilation is fundamentally different from normal breathing. Therefore, …show more content…

Therefore, PC can be considered a component of protective strategies for lungs.3 As several studies have shown that limiting the peak pressure spares more normal areas of the lungs from overinflating. During pressure control ventilation change in lungs characteristic such as compliance and airway resistance would cause changes in volume and flow.1-3 However, this is opposite during volume control ventilation. Consequently, change in lung characteristics would cause changes in pressure. For instance, increasing airway resistance will increase the amount of pressure require to deliver the volume, thus increasing the peak airway pressure. The major disadvantage of PC is that the tidal volume and minute ventilation or volume per minute (VE) reduces when lungs characteristics …show more content…

However, as some study suggested, for patients who can breaths spontaneously PC ventilation may lower the work of breathing (WOB), and improve comfort to a greater extent than VC ventilation.1-7 Therefore, using PCV over VCV can reduce the needed for sedative and neuromuscular blocking agent. Other than that PCV and VCV can provide equally work for the patients. Consequently, it is up to the clinician and institutional preference in the selection of PCV versus VCV ventilation. However each of them has different setting, advantage and disadvantage of

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