Adam And Eve : The Creators Of The Angels And The Earth

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In the beginning, God created the heavens, and the Earth. The angels, and the humans. The sky, the land, the sea. Plants and animals. When he created humans he instructed them to protect and nurture the world. Adam and Eve were the very first protectors of the garden, and the earth. they would never reach their full potential, as Lucifer the angel saw it, he wanted to help them. He told Adam and Eve to eat from the tree and They would be free to do as she wanted in the world she could choose her destiny. God was very angry about this act of betrayal as he saw it and so he turned his head and the beautiful angel was dropped from God's hands and fell so far he reached a place of darkness and sadness to stay there forever... he chose to build and make his barren wasteland of a home into a place where, like he wanted Adam and Eve to be, whoever they want, to do whatever they want, to be free. Though he was in this place he still wanted to help the humans. through time god had whispered into the human's ears about how awful and evil Lucifer was, and if we worshiped god and followed his rules we could stay with him in heaven, But if we disobey the rules we are condemned to an eternal fire. We have to love certain people, act and think a certain way, expect him to save us when horrible things happen. If God is all knowing he could have known his favorite angel would make this mistake, and with that one mistake he was banished forever. In the darkest times where humans feel the

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