Adam Lanza and Sandy Hook Elementary

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How could one deranged man voluntarily walk into an elementary school and open fire on children who haven’t even had all their teeth come in yet? Newtown, Connecticut is like any other small suburban town; quiet, quaint and safe. That was until a twenty-four year old “sociopath” (Alexander, Barrett, Donnelly, Swaine), by the name of Adam Lanza, put this charming town on the map, and not for a decent notable reason. Sandy Hook Elementary School educates students’ grades kindergarten through fifth and Lanza forced his way into the kindergarten and first grade level rooms. Friday, December 14, 2012 will forever be a date not necessarily marked on our calendars, but in our hearts. While millions of Americans continued their normal routines, innocent children’s lives, as well as a handful of heroic teachers, were taken away in a matter of seconds, since “each victim was shot three to eleven times,” according to medical examiner, H. Wayne Carver (Circa Part 4). Superintendent Janet Robinson commented, “A lot of children are alive today because of actions the teachers took.” (Circa Part 10) A total of twenty-six individuals were tragically murdered because why? That answer will never be answered since Lanza committed suicide at the scene as police were on their way, which leaves no closure for the victims’ family and friends. The Newtown, Connecticut shooting caused an increased in protection at schools by implementing new gun laws and changing America’s views about the

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