Adams Morg The Process Of A Role

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I conducted research on whether or not Adams Morgan was in the process of being gentrified. My research question was, is Adams Morgan gentrifying, and if so, in what ways. For the purpose of this study, I have utilized my previous research to define gentrification as the process of dramatic change and remodel, accompanying the influx of white middle-class or white affluent people who ransack the rich history and spirit of neighborhoods. Which in turn, displaces longtime residents and business owners of color, in favor of high-priced homes, eateries, and other establishments that are homogenous to whiteness. Thus renaming the area, stabilizing rent hikes and high property values to keep former residents of color out. In order to determine…show more content…
It is often seen as an opportunity of “urban regeneration,” as exemplified in 1997 in Denmark, where regeneration was made an official policy. Smith then goes on to insists that “the process of gentrification, which initially emerged as a sporadic, quaint, and local anomaly in the housing markets of some command-center cities, is now thoroughly generalized as an urban strategy that takes over from liberal urban policy.” Further stating that in the essence of urban renaissance, “the impulse behind gentrification is now generalized; its incidence is global, and it is densely connected into the circuits of global capital and cultural circulation.” Fullilove (2001) examines “urban renewal as an important federal policy” that contributed to the de-urbanization of American cities. She goes on to define gentrification in relation to the displacement of African Americans so that the area could be rebuilt for uses other than “housing the poor.” Fullilove then states that programs of urban renewal have “often fell disproportionately on African American communities,” essentially with the intent to disenfranchise people of color and their culture in every avenue of upward mobility. Zeitz (1977) examines residential segregation in three areas, including Adams-Morgan. She defines these urban areas in the form of heavily concentrated black cities surrounded by heavily white populated suburbs. This
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